Prezentowy Zakątek


1. Customer – person making purchases in Prezentowy Zakątek.
2. Seller - a natural person running a business under the name MBJ art Magdalena Biskupska-Jóźwiak located at Al. Reymonta 21/319, 01-840 Warsaw. NIP 118-088-60-74, REGON 015484271
3. Shop - an online store run by the Seller at www.prezentowyzakatek.pl
4. Product - a movable item available in the online store Prezentowy Zakątek being the subject of the sales contract between the Customer and the Seller.
5. Sales contract - a product sales contract concluded between the Customer and the Seller via the online store.
6. Order - Customer's declaration of will placed by using the order form and directly leading to a product sale contract with the Seller.
7. Order Form - an interactive form available in the online store that allows placing an order by adding products to the basket and the terms of the sales contract, including delivery and payment for the order.
8. Registration Form - a form available in the online store that allows creating an account.
9. Account - an electronic service marked with an individual name (login) and password provided by the Customer, a set of resources in the Seller's ICT system, in which the data provided by the Customer and information about orders placed in the online store are collected.
10. Shopping cart  - an element of the store in which the products selected for purchase by the customer are visible.
11. Newsletter – it is an electronic service that Seller provides by e-mail, allowing Customer receiving information from the Seller about products, news and promotions in the  Prezentowy Zakątek online store.
12. Terms of Service – regulations of the Prezentowy Zakątek online store.


1. The online store at www.prezentowyzakatek.pl is owned by MBJ art Magdalena Biskupska-Jóźwiak,  Al. Reymonta 21 m 319, 01-840 Warsaw. NIP 118-088-60-74,  REGON 015484271 entered in the CEIDG. The store conducts business in the field of mail-order sales on the terms described in the Terms of Service.

2. The customer is obliged to use the online store in a lawful manner with respect for personal rights as well as copyrights and intellectual property of the Seller and third parties. Users of the Prezentowy  Zakątek online store are obliged to refrain from any activity that could affect the proper functioning of the Shop, and in particular from any interference with the content of the Prezentowy Zakątek online store or its technical elements, including providing illegal content. Prezentowy Zakątek online store may not be used for purposes other than its intended purpose, including, in particular, sending spam, and any commercial, advertising and promotional activity.

3. Technical requirements: computer, laptop or other device with Internet access, active e-mail account. Web browsers: Microsoft Edge and newer, Mozilla Firefox version 3.5 and newer, Opera version 10 and newer, Chrome version 9 and newer.


1. Orders for products offered by the Prezentowy Zakątek are accepted round the clock at www.prezentowyzakatek.pl.

2. The customer can register a User Account in the store or place an order without registering a User Account.

a) If the Customer registers a user account, the order is placed by logging into the Shop's website using the data provided by the Customer and confirming the will to place the order. The customer who has agreed to register in the Shop’s database  for processing the Order has the right to inspect their data and correct them and request their removal. In order to delete the Customer's account from Prezentowy Zakątek online store, please send an email to sklep@prezentowyzakatek.pl with the request to delete the account along with the email address currently registered in the Prezentowy Zakątek online store.
b) If the Customer doesn’t register the user's account in the Shop, the condition for placing an order is providing all required data necessary for shipping the products.

3. To place an order:

a) add selected products to the shopping cart, specify their quantity and click the "Proceed to checkout" field.
b)  complete all required fields in the Order Form: name and surname, address (street, house / flat number, zip code, city, country), e-mail address, contact telephone number, and choose the method of delivery and payment method. You should also choose the type of proof of purchase - receipt or invoice. To issue a VAT invoice, provide the company name and tax identification number. To place an order, you must accept these Terms of Service.
c) Then click 'Order and pay'.

4. The distance sales contract is deemed to be concluded when the e-mail confirming the placing of the order is automatically sent to the Customer's email address which was provided when completing the contact form or during registration.

5. The Customer is notified of the progress of the order by e-mails specifying his status as: accepted for execution, completed, paid for, completed or possibly - canceled.

6. From the moment the Seller sends an e-mail confirming the completion of the order, it is not possible to make changes to the order.


1. The prices in the Shop, visible next to the products, are gross prices including VAT. The prices are given in Polish zlotys or euro.

2. Shop prices do not include shipping costs.

3. The final price is the price shown in the order summary.

4. The Seller reserves the right to change the prices of products, introduce new products to the online store, carry out and cancel promotional campaigns on the Shop's websites, or make changes to them.

5. The price given for each product is binding when the Customer places the order.
6. The customer can make the payment on delivery or by bank transfer.
Bank transfer details:

Magdalena Biskupska-Jóźwiak SWIFT BPKOPLPW  IBAN PL 50 1020 5558 1111 1471 6610 0093. In the transfer title, please enter the order number. The lack of an order number in the transfer  title may delay its verification, thus extending the order processing.

7. If the payment is not made within 7 days of placing the order (not applicable to payment on delivery) and at the same time the lack of contact with the Shop, the order is automatically canceled.

8. If “payment on delivery” order is not picked up by the Customer, while there is no contact with the Shop, we reserve the right to refuse further orders of this Customer by payment on delivery, requiring payment in advance.

Order fulfillment and delivery:

1. Orders are completed up to 3 business days, unless otherwise specified in the product description or when placing the order. For products with different delivery dates - the delivery date is the longest given date. The implementation is carried out after the payments have been credited to the Sellers' accounts (does not apply to cases of payment on delivery). The Shop works on business days from Monday to Friday. The Shop does not fulfill orders on public holidays and reserves the right to set additional days off, which are always obligatory for the parties.
In the event of longer breaks in the operation of the online store, the additional information will be given in the form of a banner.

2. The Seller commits to provide the Customer with goods in accordance with the offer.

3. Orders are shipped via specialized shipping companies (e.g. Poczta Polska, courier or Paczkomaty). Information on delivery costs is available during order placement. Current information on delivery costs and any exemptions from delivery costs are available on the Shop's website.

4. If the parcel or packaging itself is damaged, the Customer may refuse to collect the parcel and should ask its supplier to draw up a damage report.


1. If the goods do not comply with the contract, the Customer has the right to complain about the goods within 24 months. In such a case, please send the item together with the proof of purchase to the Shop. Before shipping the goods, we suggest contacting us at sklep@prezentowyzakatek.pl with a description of the subject of the complaint. Within 3 business days of receiving the parcel, the Customer will be notified of the acceptance or rejection of the complaint.

Customer should send the item in question to:
MBJ art  Magdalena Biskupska-Jóźwiak,
Al. Reymonta 21 m 319,  
01-840 Warszawa

2. In the event of defects in the purchased goods, the Customer may exercise the following rights: repair, exchange, price reduction or withdrawal from the contract.

3. Prezentowy Zakątek is not responsible under the warranty if:
a) The Customer knew about the product defect at the time the order was placed
b) The Customer caused  product damage (e.g. as a result of improper unpacking of the package or its contents (example: damage resulting from tearing the packaging with a sharp tool, as a result of improper handling of the article (example: dents or damage to the packaging that occurred when the item was unpacked) or attempted use).

4. If the complaint requires withdrawal from the contract, within 7 days of receipt of the package with the returned item, the money will be transferred to the bank account indicated by the Customer. The return includes the value of the goods complained about along with the shipping costs (in the amount equal to the cheapest form of shipping available in the Prezentowy Zakątek).

Withdrawal from the contract:

1. The Customer has the right to return the purchased item without giving a reason by submitting within 14 days of receipt of the package a "Statement of withdrawal from the contract". Such a declaration should be sent by e-mail to the following address: sklep@prezentowyzakatek.pl or sent together with the returned goods to the following address:

MBJ art  Magdalena Biskupska-Jóźwiak,
Al. Reymonta 21 m 319,  
01-840 Warszawa

2. Return of goods takes place at the buyer's expense by any form of shipping. We suggest it to be a registered shipment. Before sending the parcel to the Shop's address, the package should be carefully protected against mechanical damage resulting from transport.

3. The Customer is obliged to return the product no later than 14 days from the day on which he withdrew from the contract. To meet the deadline, it is enough to return the items before its expiry. The Consumer bears the direct cost of returning the item. The Consumer is responsible for reducing the value of things as a result of using it in a way that goes beyond what is necessary to establish the nature of the characteristics and functioning of the thing.

4. Within 14 days of receipt of the returned parcel, the money will be transferred to the customer's account. The entire amount is refundable only if the entire order has been returned. Then the transport cost is returned in the amount corresponding to the cheapest form of delivery offered by our store. If only part of the order is returned, the buyer receives a refund of the costs of returned goods without transport costs.

5. Customer has no right to withdrawal from the contract, if:

a.a) the subject of the service is an item manufactured according to the consumer's specifications or serving to satisfy his individual needs,
a.b) the subject of the service are items that after delivery, due to their nature, are inseparably connected with other items,
a.c) the contract is concluded through a public auction
a.d) purchases are made by companies

6. Contract withdrawal form is available on the Shops's website.


1. Every person visiting or using the products of Prezentowy Zakątek can receive an electronic Newsletter containing commercial and marketing information about products and current promotions in the Shop.

2. Receiving the Newsletter depends on the prior consent of the Customer (selecting the appropriate option) for receiving it during registration in the online store or by making appropriate changes after logging in to the Customer's Panel or at the stage of placing the order.

3. The Customer may at any time opt out of receiving the Newsletter and has the option of reactivating it by selecting the appropriate option.

4. The Customer who has agreed will receive the Newsletter to the e-mail address provided by him.

Personal Data

1. The administrator of personal data is Magdalena Biskupska-Jóźwiak conducting business activity under the name MBJ art Magdalena Biskupska-Jóźwiak located at Al. Reymonta 21/319, 01-840 Warsaw. NIP 118-088-60-74, REGON 015484271

2. Providing data is voluntary, however, failure to provide some data marked in the forms may prevent the Order from being processed.

3. Customer's personal data, in particular name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, bank account number are processed:
a) to the extent necessary to implement or terminate contracts, create the content, change and properly implement the services provided electronically and complete the orders placed by the Customer;
b) to set up and manage a Customer Account
c) to process the shipment. Personal and address data as well as the telephone number and e-mail address of the Customer are provided to transport companies
d) in order to process complaints submitted by the Customer and return of money in the event of withdrawal from the contract (return of products)
e) to contact the Customer in matters related to the provision of services
f) to organize loyalty programs, competitions and promotional campaigns
g) to collect debts; conducting court, arbitration and mediation proceedings
h) data is stored to demonstrate compliance with legal obligations
i) if the Customer agrees, the data is processed in order to save data in Cookies

4. Personal data is protected in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act in a way that prevents access to them by third parties.

5. When placing the order in the Shop or when registering the Customer Account, the Customer agrees to the Prezentowy Zakątek processing of personal data provided by him in the process of placing the order or registering the Customer Account as well as in the process of using the online store, including making purchases. By agreeing to the processing of personal data, the Customer agrees to place his personal data in the Prezentowy Zakątek database and to process them for the purpose of implementing the sales contract.

6. Pursuant to the Act on the protection of personal data, the Customer has the right to access (inspect) his personal data and to correct and delete it. Personal data may be corrected or deleted after logging into the Customer Panel or by reporting to the online store Owner/ Administrator.

7. Consent to the processing of personal data may be revoked at any time.

8. By placing an order or registering a Customer Account, the Customer declares that the personal data provided by him are the Customer's data.

9. Prezentowy Zakątek online store processes the Customer's personal data in accordance with the principles arising from the Act on the provision of electronic services.

Information on out-of-court complaint consideration and redress procedures, as well as rules on access to these procedures

a.d.1.a.i.1. Detailed information on the possibility for the Customer who is a consumer to use extrajudicial methods of dealing with complaints and redress as well as the rules of access to these procedures are available at the offices and on the websites of municipal consumer ombudsmen, social organizations, whose statutory tasks include consumer protection, voivodeship trade inspection inspectorates and at the following website address of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection: https://www.uokik.gov.pl/pozasadowe_rozwiazywanie_sporow_konsumenckich.php

a.d.1.a.i.2. The Customer who is a consumer has, among others the following possibilities of using out-of-court complaint and redress methods:

a) The Customer is entitled to apply to a permanent amicable consumer court operating at the Trade Inspection with a request to resolve the dispute arising from the concluded Sales Agreement.
b) The customer is entitled to request the provincial inspector of Trade Inspection to initiate mediation proceedings regarding the amicable settlement of the dispute between the Customer and the Seller.
c) The Customer may obtain free assistance in resolving the dispute between the Customer and the Seller, also using the free assistance of the municipal consumer ombudsman or social organization, whose statutory tasks include consumer protection (including the Consumer Federation, Association of Polish Consumers). Advice is provided by the Consumer Federation under a free consumer helpline number 800 007 707.


It is prohibited, without the written consent of the Shop owner, to copy any materials available on the Shop's website - photos, product descriptions, information materials, films, documents and other materials not mentioned above. These materials may not be copied, or used in any way, in whole or even in part, without the knowledge and consent of their author. Copied and published materials contained on the Shop's website takes place only with the written consent of the owner of Prezentowy Zakątek or with the consent of their Author.

Terms of Service changes

1. Customers who have an account in the Store will be notified of changes to the Terms of Service via e-mail correspondence.

2. If there has been a change to the Terms of Service since the last login, the Customer accepts or refuses to accept its provisions after the changes. If you do not accept the Terms of Service, in particular after making changes to them, purchases in the Prezentowy Zakątek are not possible.

3. The Customer who does not accept the changes in the Terms of Service has the right to delete the Customer's account.

4. Orders placed by customers before changes to the Terms of Service are made, will be completed according to the existing provisions of the Terms of Service.

Final Provisions

In matters not covered by the Terms of Service, the provisions of the Civil Code.