Of course, one needs to write how it began, because it ended with the joy of the creator.
 As it is recorded in the books, at the beginning there was chaos, chaos of despair of looking for a present for another occasion.
Then the sun came up, the idea was born, and with the growing echo of happy receipients of gifts for all kinds of birthday parties, newlyweds, newly baked parents, owners of a new apartment, the slogan appeared like a rock carving:  I WILL DO IT MYSELF.
Since then, every holiday or upcoming festival have become an inspiration and challenge, and the obsessive necessity of constant creation brought so many different utilitarian items to existance. And so the idea of a place where you too can find something for yourself or for your loved ones.
For now, in Prezentowy Zakątek you can buy my products signed MBJ art, and also beautiful photos of my husband. But, I hope someone will join me someday.

Magda Biskupska-Jóźwiak