Shipping cost:

Poczta Polska (parcel)

Austria   62 zł

Belgium  62 zł

Croatia   62 zł

Czech Republic 35 zł

Denemark  62 zł

Finland     62 zł

France     62 zł

Germany  58 zł

Hungary  62 zł

Ireland    62 zł

Italy        62 zł

Netherlands 62 zł

Portugal   62 zł

Slovakia   35 zł

Spain       62 zł

Sweden    62 zł

United Kingdom 62 zł

Poczta Polska (letter) - post card only:  8 zł

Cost of delivery in Poland:

1. Poczta Polska letter - post card only (delivery within 3 working days)
    4,50 zł (bank transfer)

2. Poczta Polska parcel (delivery within 3 working days)
   13,00 zł (bank transfer)
   19,50 zł (cash on delivery)

3. DPD  (delivery within 2 working days)
   15,00 zł (bank transfer)
   19,50 zł (cash on delivery)

4. Personal collection
   Roszada, ul. Andersena 4, Warszawa
   pn-pt 7.00-19.00, sob. 7.00-16.00
   0 zł    (bank transfer only)

5. Free shipping from 250 zł (only in Poland)

Attention, please.

The delivery time is counted from the moment of sending the parcel (does not include waiting for the payment to be posted and the time needed to prepare the parcel).

In the pre-holiday period the given delivery time may be extended for reasons beyond the control of the store.